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We are releasing on December 15 of 2017 a new CD album which will feature Gloria Jones, Jimmy McFarland, and the Tiaras. 

The songs by Gloria and Jimmy are new releases that have never been heard by the general music audience in the USA or 

UK markets-including the Tiaras song "You're My Man," another version of the song as well as new novel "Who IsThis Alien?"

To Purchase The Physical CD Album, Click Kunaki link.     http://www.Kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00U9R7RF  

To Purchase The Digital CD Album, Click CD Baby link.      https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/kingdomcomeforever      

TO Purchase Novel " Who Is This Alien? This Higher Power  In The Universe....click link below





                                      Title                                                                            Performer                            Writer                   

Track 1- Gone With The Wind is My Love                                             Gloria Jones                      Lou Barreto (BMI)                          

           2- Blowing My Mind To Pieces (new arrangement)                  Jimmy McFarland             Lou Barreto (BMI)                      

           3- You're My Man                                                                          The Tiaras                          R.Bumgardner/N.Drury (BMI)                              

           4- Love's Made a Connection                                                      The Tiaras                          Lou Barreto (BMI)                                                             

           5- Blowing My Mind To Pieces (original arrangement)            Jimmy McFarland              Lou Barreto (BMI)

Arranger: Jack Eskew, tracks 1 to 5    

Publisher: Marsupial-Hillary (BMI), track 1

Publisher: Marsupial (BMI), tracks 2 to 5